London Modest Fashion Week 2017

I had the pleasure to attend London Modest Fashion Week over the weekend (18-19th Feb). It was hosted by Haute Elan at the Saatchi Gallery. LMFW is a new and exciting addition to the London fashion calendar, and the first event of its kind in the British capital. It’s an absolutely revolutionary event and has allowed modest fashion designers to display their work to the public.

In a world where we are being bombarded with sexualised women selling everything from perfume to car insurance, it is a welcome change for young women to see that fashion does not need to be revealing. In a world where eating disorders are rife, LMFW demonstrates the other side of the spectrum, where body shape/sizes are not needed to be displayed to gain public acceptance.


In between the runway shows, there were a number of panel discussions featuring some designers including Sara Al-Madani, founder of Rouge Couture. She gave an inspirational talk about how she founded her business and the challenges she faced through the development of her brand. It was truly inspiring, and there was no-one in the room who wasn’t looking at her in complete awe. Sara emphasised the importance of understanding that failure is normal, and to be prepared to fail before succeeding; an important lesson that we should all be aware of.


There was also two dedicated prayer rooms, allowing attendees to pray as and when necessary.


What did you think of LMFW? Do share your thoughts.

– A Y –


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