Love London Card 2017 – Is It Worth It?

Love London cards are available from Monday 16th for just £20.17! They allow unlimited access to The Shard for the whole of 2017. Is it worth it you may ask?

Last year, I bought one a few days after they were sold out and restocked (surprise, surprise, I bought it for £20.16). The normal entry price for an adult is £25.95 in advance and £30.95 on the day, making the Love London card worth it even if you only go up once. I went up The Shard about 4 times in the year, making each visit worth about £5. The nice thing about having unlimited access is just that – as an avid photographer, I was able to view London in different seasons and times of the day. I was able to capture London shrouded by a beautiful Autumn sunset; I was also able to capture London through the raindrops covering the looking glass of The Shard. It can get quite cold up there too, so I’d highly recommend

I mean, there’s not much to DO up there. There aren’t any seats or tables to sit down (unlike The Sky Garden) and so after about 30 mins of being up in the sky looking down at London, there isn’t much left to do. I much rather prefer The Sky Garden where one can sit down and buy a drink and some nibbles whilst enjoying London’s beautiful skyline.

Will I be getting myself one this year? Probably not, simply because I have already had one last year and feel that I have nothing to gain by purchasing again this year.

Make sure you get there early, sales begin at 7am!


– A Y –



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