I Am At Mayfield Lavender

I am an avid TimeOut London reader. It’s where I discover new places, and hear about the latest events that are happening in London. I recently saw a picture of a friend frolicking in the fields of  Mayfield Lavender on Instagram, and as soon as I did, I just HAD to schedule a day to visit. Lavender fields are usually regarded as exotic, and are reminiscent of the fields in the South of France.

Luckily, I was just in time to see some lavender fields before full harvesting. Half of the field had already been harvested and the rest will be harvested mid-September. Although it wasn’t as purple as I expected, it was absolutely beautiful and very calming to be there. There was also a small shop selling everything lavender, and a cafe to grab a bite. It’s also just £1 to enter the fields, cheap and cheerful!

Directions to Mayfield Lavender from Central London: Overground train to West Croydon from Canada Water. From West Croydon take the 166 bus and get off at Oaks Park bus stop. The bus stop is right in front of the fields!  

Unfortunately, the fields are closing soon, but I would highly recommend visiting next year in July or early August. I for one, will definitely be returning.


Have you been to the Lavender fields in London? Are there any other fields like this in the outer London region?

– A Y –


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