How To Travel To Morocco For Less Than £50

People always ask how I afford the many holidays I take. It is a sad misconception that going on holiday is expensive, and reserved only for those with a high disposable income. If one is smart, going abroad can be cheaper than simply jumping onto a train from London to Liverpool.

As I mentioned in my previous post reviewing Hotel Riad Fes, I travelled to Morocco last month with my friend Hanna. We flew out on a Wednesday and returned on Sunday – 4 full days in Fes, Morocco. This was a last minute holiday that I booked, and one of the main reasons I booked it was the low cost of the trip. I paid about £100 return for the flight BUT if I had booked it earlier, then I could have got flights for less than £50 (see the photo below). A quick search on gives a price of £47.18 in early October. The weather in Morocco at this time would be nice and a perfect time to travel to Fes.

The hotel that I booked was about £19 a night for 4 nights, totalling to £76. Flights and the hotel stay cost less than £200 for four days. Considering I flew to North Africa, I would say that was pretty impressive. Had I booked earlier, this total would have been just over £100. An even greater saving could have been made if I booked a cheaper hotel. The hotel I booked was 4*, and more upmarket than some other guest houses.

Did I not say travelling was cheap!

IMG_7301Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 15.29.11

I truly believe that exploring the world is for everyone, and doesn’t have to be expensive or inconvenient.

I’ll be sure to share some more traveling tips and tricks, and how I spend as little as possible when travelling.

Does anyone else have any tips for low spending when travelling?

– A Y –


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