I Don’t Know Who To Travel With!

Choosing the right travel companion is a key part of (almost) guaranteeing a smooth sailing holiday. Although frequently overlooked, I cannot emphasise the importance of selecting a travel partner carefully, and to not simply plan travels with anyone available at the time.

As a young child, I only ever travelled with my parents, immediate or extended family. At that age, this is great. As a young adult and into my early 20s, I became more selective with which ‘friends’ I wanted to travel with. There’s a famous saying that states that:

‘You don’t know the true colours of a person until you live with them, travel with them, or have dealings with them.’

I can’t vouch for this more.

Although I have not personally had any issues when travelling with friends, I do notice the importance of having similar interests and lifestyle when on a holiday with someone. Something as basic as where to eat could cause an issue if one person wants to go somewhere a bit more ‘upmarket’, but the other wishes to keep within a tighter budget.

On holiday, I like to visit libraries, museums, religious buildings as I find that such buildings hold an immeasurable amount of history from their fundamental architecture to the contents within. Now, this is a very individualistic taste. Another person may want to crawl through resturants, parks and modern sky scrapers. With limited time, there will have to be much compromise, resulting in one party left less satisfied than the other. Although this is not always the case, it is easy to see how a clash of interests can arise.

Okay, so how DO I select a worthy candidate to accompany me on my travels, you may ask?


Think of who you spend most of your social life with. Think of who you laugh most with and share everything with. Think of who you’ve seen through rough times and good times. Think of someone with a strong character, passion and ambition. Think of you could spend consecutive days with (even if you haven’t done so already). Think of someone that is ready to make compromises and someone who is selfless. Think of someone that isn’t a temporary duck swimming in your waters for the time being.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t so simple.

But you get the idea. 

I sometimes see people who don’t spend a moment of their day to day lives together, but all of a sudden they want to fly to the moon together. Kudos to you if you can gain satisfaction from such companionship. But for me, a holiday is a time of comfortability and relaxation. A time for washing away all my stress and worries of my everyday life. I will only travel with someone that I’m sure will bring zen to my life and soul.

With all that being said, I haven’t touched upon travelling alone! I have done it, and would highly recommend it – become your own best friend, and get to know yourself first before anything else. I will touch upon solo travelling another time. I hope you were able to take something away from this blog post. A fundamental factor of the holiday is the person you are travelling. Don’t underestimate the importance of this.

Happy Travels!

– A Y –


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