I Am Overlooking London from University!

I have been extremely busy as of late, with many exciting opportunities and events that have taken place. I wanted to share this location that I stumbled upon during my studies at King’s College London. There is a lecture theatre on the 30th floor whereby some of my final year lectures were held. The view from this floor is absolutely outstanding, facing the Shard and central London.


Lucky for me, it was a bright sunny day, and I was able to take some stunning pictures using my iPhone. It is a bit limiting as to how many different photos you can take due to the thick glass and also the lack of any other directionality. Never-the-less, I managed to capture the beautiful curve of the River Thames, spiralling past Tower Bridge, and following down to the financial district.


Unfortunately, this view isn’t available for the general public. As I recently studied at King’s, I was able to access the building. A similar view can be seen from the Sky Garden or The Shard.


Do you know of any other unknown/ random viewpoints of London?

– A Y –


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