Love London Card!

I managed to bag myself a Love London Card last week on a whim, through word-of-mouth! The Love London card is available for people living in London and gives you unlimited access to the viewing platform of The Shard for just £20.16. A normal adult ticket is just over £25 and so a saving is made just on the first visit. I’ve always wanted to enjoy the view of London from the top of The Shard however, I had just never got the chance to. This card is perfect for us Londoners as the weather really is ever-changing and so it’s great that I can come back at different times of the day, and in the different seasons.

Of course, on the day I purchased it, I had to go up to the viewing platform, and I wasn’t disappointed! The weather wasn’t the best; it was extremely gloomy and dark but never-the-less it most definitely was special. Two floors are available for viewing – floor 69 and 72.


I’ll be returning to The Shard on a nicer day, and will publish a full post about my experience. ‘Till then, grab your Love London Cards and enjoy the view for yourself 🙂

Have you visited The Shard? Would you recommend it to others?

– A Y –


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