I am at the University of Cambridge

I was invited to the University of Cambridge to teach as part of a scheme for tutors. The last time I visited Cambridge was in 2013 for a conference and ever since, I have been looking forward to my next visit. I grabbed this opportunity by the horns, and after finishing the day at about 3pm, I walked around Cambridge to visit most of the Colleges. Luckily, it was a very sunny (but chilly) day, allowing me to briskly walk around the city without always ducking for shelter from the UK downpours of rain. A one-way train ticket cost around £4 (with a railcard) from London Liverpool Street.

I was based in Newnham’s College for the day – an absolutely fabulous and mesmerising College for women only. It was the first College built allowing women to go to university at Cambridge, and so it prides itself in this equality of the sexes. Some Colleges are open to the public at given times of the day/year, whereas others are not.

Newnham’s College

As I was based here for the day, I managed to get a nice view of the gardens and the dining room for the College. We were served a buffet lunch with the finest of China – way too fine for a mere peasant like me!


Queen’s College


St. Catherine’s College


Corpus Christi College


King’s College


Claire College


Trinity College


Emmanuel College


I also managed to pop into Hardys sweetshop! There was a huge selection of sweets and chocolates (and I definitely bought a FEW things) *shhh*.


Have you ever been to Cambridge? Doesn’t it give you the Harry Potter feels?

– A Y –


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