I am at Lumiere London

Lumiere London is a major new annual light festival that has transformed the iconic streets of central London for four nights (14th Jan – 17th Jan). It has brought together some of the world’s most exciting artists working with light. I found out about this only a week ago and was super excited to check it out! The installations were dotted around a few locations around London – the majority were within walking distance which was awesome and convenient. It was also exciting to have the road closures which meant we could really enjoy all the installations without worrying about getting run over by a PMS-ing lorry driver. I’d definitely recommend printing out the map and using that to navigate – otherwise it can become a wild goose chase trying to find the installations. Aside from the bitter cold, it was wholly enjoyable and a nice evening out. I know that Canada have something similar – Nuit Blanche – so it was cool to see this coming to London 🙂


1) Oxford St

Here, there was an interesting cell-like looking net installation!

2) Liberty London

3) Regent Street

This installation was probably my favourite! It was animated and told a story that had everyone laughing and watching in awe.


4) Piccadilly Circus

There were a number of installations around this area. The elephant one (see photo below) was accompanied by some jungle-like sounds, just incase we wanted to feel like we were close to it.

5) St. James’

I was really impressed with this installation – not only was it simply but it somehow depicted emotions through the various postures.

6) Leicester Square

7) King’s Cross

The installations at King’s cross followed a sort of path and this was cool and interesting to follow. The first two images shown below are of light made from plastic bottles filled with water!



8) Westminster

This is probably another one of my favourites! Westminster Abbey looking absolutely mesmerising with the changing colours and lights.


9) Bond Street

This installation was extremely interesting and pretty smart if you ask me! I’ve never seen anything like this before, definitely a great use of art and an iconic aspect of London.


Of course, it isn’t possible to go to Westminster and not pit-stop to capture the London Eye and Big Ben!!


Did you manage to visit Lumiere London? What were your thoughts?

-A Y-


10 thoughts on “I am at Lumiere London

  1. I was there too!
    But I didn’t really enjoy it.
    Too chaotic, badly organised and rather random.

    I prefer Winter Lights at Canary Wharf.
    Strangely, both events took place during the same period of time.
    It’s much better there, less people, easier to enjoy the art work.

    The light installations there were much, much better too.
    Visit their link:-
    Click on Light Sphere, Bit.Fall and the Pool – my personal favourite! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow! I didn’t realise Winter Lights existed – shall definitely go there next year. And yes, I know it was extremely crowded, but I was lucky to go on Thursday when it was extremely cold and therefore empty!


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