How to stay fit and healthy for free when travelling!

Fitness is of utmost importance for both the internal and external well-being of our bodies. Maintaining your fitness when travelling can be a challenge, escalated by the change in our routines and environment. Here are some tips as to how I have managed to maintain my fitness during times of travel, be it short- or long-term.

Short-term traveller

– Select routes predominated by walking instead of taking the bus/taxi/train

– Visit parks and casually stroll whilst taking in the sights (maybe also plan for a small picnic)

– Try to select healthy meal options (most likely be eating out for every meal) and be smart with snacking throughout the day

Long-term traveller

– Get accustomed to your area of residence and go for short runs in the morning

– Partake in free outdoor classes (weather-permitting of course); as an example, many cities have free yoga classes held outdoors

– Grab a friend, grab a ball – head to the beach for some volleyball or some swimming

– Choose an apartment/ hotel with a kitchen/ kitchenette that will allow you to prepare some meals at home; eating out not only blows the budget but also blows out the stomach

– Take stairs and not lifts or escalators

– Have sustainable goals and expectations of yourself – don’t forget you are on holiday and indulgence is permitted!

– Most importantly: regularly try on your favourite outfit to ensure you are still the same size *light-hearted but vital tip*

Are there any other tips that would help someone trying to stay healthy whilst travelling? Do you think it is possible to stay fit and healthy while travelling?

-A Y-


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