I am at Graffiti Alley, Toronto

The connotations that accompany graffiti are usually negative; they are usually associated with antisocial and loitering behaviours by youths. However, graffiti is an art, an art that can be extremely beautiful and one that tells many-a-tale through images. Toronto’s Graffiti Alley is located downtown near the Fashion District and Chinatown, and is really in a prime location for a quick stop whilst passing the area.








As you can see from the photos above, this location is has a perfect backdrop for a photo shoot or dance video. The almost complete covering of the walls with colour is inviting and really gives off a very fun atmosphere.

 As I wandered into the main road, I came across this BEAUTIFUL shop complete with isles of beads, chains, buttons and other DIY accessories. The variety was absolutely breathtaking and I wanted to purchase EVERYTHING! I also walked into a few fabric stores next door stocking fabrics with extraordinary prints!


Not far from Graffiti Alley (15 min walk), a beautiful view of the CN Tower (from the Harbourfront) can be seen. There were a few events taking place at the Convention Centre – IMATS and the Ontatio University Fair. Overall, another beautiful day touring Toronto!


Is Graffiti Alley one of Toronto’s secrets, or is it quite common to visit this area as a tourist? Are there any other weird and wonderful locations that North America has to offer?

-A Y-


One thought on “I am at Graffiti Alley, Toronto

  1. Graffiti can be amazing art works in themselves, I look out for wherever i go. I found some great alleyways in Melbourne and some here in Auckland as well with graffiti that is stunning!.


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