Guide to creating an impressive blog name!

Thinking of a name for my blog caused me so much pain, and led to weeks of procrastination, delaying the birth of I Am In A Place.

So what’s the story behind my blog name?

My name is Amina. My blog name is I Am In A Place. As you can see, my blog name has incorporated my name in a subtle way. It also epitomises the purpose of this blog – to share my location, be it a different city, mindset or place. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some very intelligent and creative people, who suggested a few names for my blog before coming up with this one.

Here are some questions that I asked myself and considered when thinking of a name.

1. What do you want you blog to be about?

It’s very important that you have an idea of what you want to talk about. Be it fashion, travel, lifestyle, cooking etc. Once you know what you wish to talk about, it makes it easier to think of a name appropriate and suitable for the topic. Be aware that you don’t have to stick to a particular topic exclusively, however if your blog name is ‘cookingwithX’, and all of a sudden you’re talking about animals, you may loose focus with your audience. Try to have a broad name.

2. Would you like your personal name to be included in the blog name?

This was something I battled with a bit. Did I want to make it very personal or a bit more at arms length. If you’re planning to share personal images of your children and family, then a personal name may be suited. However, if you wish to simply give advice and show images, then a personal name may not be necessary. I found that by having my personal name incorporated into my blog name, I felt more intimacy with the blog itself.

3. What are some words that are related to your topic?

Travel: journey, wander, nomad, voyage, explore, backpack, drift & more

Beauty: belle, dashing, trendy, fashion, classy & more

One thing that I tried was to look at the translation of some words in French or another language that could provide a unique and exotic twist to your overused English words.

Try to look at lists of adjectives to give yourself many options for creating a blog name. You could also use a blog name generator such as LeanDomainSearch, Panabee, or NameMesh. These are pretty useful to simply generate a random blog name based on your topic of choice.

4. Is your name easy to be remembered, pronounced and spelt?

It’s very easy to come up with an impressive sounding name – that no-one can say, spell or understand. Looking at the most successful advertising campaigns, such as Nike – Just Do It, it’s easy to see that the use of simple words goes further than using words that belong next to onomatopoeia in their complexity.

5. Is your name available (VERY IMPORTANT)?

You are going to need your name to be available on different social media platforms – such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Check if they are, as if they are not, this may cause later issue when deciding to promote your content on other social media platforms.

6. Do you LOVE your name the way you love CHOCOLATE?

If no, go back to the drawing board 🙂

7. Have you asked people (friend, family, and others) what they think of your name?

I found this to be THE MOST helpful tip! I came up with 5-10 potential names (even if I didn’t like them all 100%), and then ran the names by some friends and family. You’d be surprised how their opinion can change your mind drastically. Names that I thought were good, when critically analysed by friends, turned out to be less attractive to me. As I mentioned above, the name I Am In A Place was thought up by a friend within 5 mins during a brainstorming session. In the end, all the names I had thought of were not used, but they provided a starting point for discussion of potential names.

Here are some names I came up with when thinking of a name for my blog (I believe they were all available). Let me know if you would like to use one of them to start up your own blog!

Miles Away

In The Air

Continental Drift

From Here to There

Sunrise to Sunset

Dawn to Dusk

A Few Miles Away

Miles of Reality

Everlasting Miles

Corals and Pearls

Beyond Miles Away

Chapter Voyage

As important as the blog name is, it’s also very important that thinking of a name doesn’t inhibit the start of your blogging journey! Don’t let thinking of a name completely consume you – ultimately, good consistent content is key for the success of your blog! Good luck 🙂

How did you come up with a blog name, how long did it take, and are you happy with it? What advice do you wish you had when generating your name?

-A Y-


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