I am at The Ex (CNE – Toronto)

I spent a whole day trying to cram in as many things as possible in Toronto. I managed to visit the Ex festival (also known as the Canadian National Exhibition – CNE). This is an annual fortnight festival showcasing a number of different stalls, rides, fashion, music, culture and food.

There’s still a few days left for anyone who still wants to check it out (I’d highly recommend)!


I chose to go on this *SCARY* ride. Honestly, I had just eaten poutine and really wasn’t up for being flung in the air.

IMG_4203 IMG_4200

There was a point where the sky looked a bit threatening – it didn’t threaten for too long, after a while there were blue skies all around!




As it was the opening day, there were many people and the atmosphere was filled with fun and joy. I arrived quite late in the day and so was able to catch the sunset after a few hours of being there.

IMG_4201 IMG_4202



Whilst doing some wandering (and searching for Wi-Fi of course), I decided to see what was inside the Exhibition building. I found a large stage with dancers from different cultures – there were hundreds of people seated and watching the performance. In addition to the show, there were stalls with labels of every country in the world, and the ability to purchase something from that particular country. I personally found this the most interesting aspect of the Ex – rides are something that I can go on anywhere in the world. However, the display of different cultures are interesting and something unique.


IMG_3926 IMG_3925



IMG_3915 IMG_3922


I ended the day with a hot ice cream waffle – was delicious! Overall, I really enjoyed myself and had an amazing afternoon/ evening at the Ex. I would recommend it, and would definitely go there again 🙂


I’ve let the pictures do the talking for this post! Have you ever been to the Ex? Would you go again – what did you like or dislike?

-A Y-


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