I am at a Moroccan Festival

Since arriving in Montreal, I have relied heavily on MTLblog to inform me of things to do and places to see! On the 2nd of August, Montreal hosted a Moroccan festival (Fete Marocaine a Montreal), to celebrate Moroccan culture and its national holiday. Coincidentally, it was held at Parc Jarry, a stone’s throw from my abode. I arrived mid afternoon – with the sun blazing at its highest – and almost NO shade in the park! But that was fine, the festivities detracted from the heat.

There was a huge stage erected for music performances, a magic show and other entertainment.

Main stage
Main stage before the crowds arrived

I’m not a big fan of magic tricks – I can never understand how the magician pulled it off – and so I just rather not bother my brain! This magician had four young children on stage and was performing some tricks with ribbons. I must say, it was pretty cool to watch!

Magician on-stage

Of course, with a cultural festival comes CULTURAL FOOD! There were arrays of marquees selling food (being cooked in front of us) and other canned condiments.


Grilling of Moroccan flatbread with mined meat
Nothing beats a good old BBQ!

Display of traditional Moroccan tea glasses

In addition to hot food, there were also different types of Moroccan soap, and fresh honey on sale. I also came across a stall selling miscellaneous items such as hijabs, rosmary beads, pins and traditional perfumes – all at a very reasonable price!

IMG_3637 IMG_3642

Parc Jarry Moroccan Festival 2015

All in all, I had a really nice day out! Returned home a couple shades darker but I most definitely enjoyed the music (an Arabic/French blend)! Although I have never visited Morocco, it was nice to get a taste of their music, food and general vibe!

– A Y –


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