I am at Montreal’s Firework Finale 2015!

Every year, Montreal holds an international fireworks competition (L’international des feux Loto-Quebec). Over the duration of a month, firework displays by a different country light up the sky for 30 minutes on a Wednesday and Saturday night. This year, competing countries were: England, Italy, Canada, China, United States and France. The events of the month were closed with a huge finale!

I absolutely love the feeling of watching fireworks blaze up the sky with an array of colours and patterns, each one different from the one before, and each one receiving a reaction of awe. I chose to watch from Port de Montreal (closest station: Papineau). Although I arrived only 10 minutes before the beginning of the show, I managed to get an extremely close position at the port and my view was straight on! I would definitely recommend this location!


IMG_3560 IMG_3561

IMG_3564 IMG_3563

IMG_3566 IMG_3565

IMG_3570 IMG_3568




I’ve let the pictures do the talking in this post! It really was a beautiful night, and the atmosphere was electric.

An amazing finale to a month-long display of the cultural diversity in Montreal.

Going home at Metro Papineau 

– A Y –


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