I am at Parc Jarry

Parc Jarry next to Montreal’s Little Italy is a true urban gem. Located minutes away from the famous Jean-Talon market, I found Parc Jarry to be one of the most peaceful places I have ever visited. Coming out of Station De Castelnau, there is an easily accessible entrance flanked by a row of bikes for rent (Montreal’s public bike system, sponsored by Telus).    

Public Bike Hire
Bike Hire Price List
Parc Jarry Entrance


Upon entering the park, I took a stroll along its perimeter to find somewhere with shade to sit. As it was a weekend, there were many families at the park doing barbecues, and many people sunbathing in the 29 degrees Celsius heat. I came across this cute gazebo, hidden beneath the bushes! Although it did provide me with the much needed shade, I preferred to find a spot on the grass where I could take my shoes off and get my ‘earthing’ on – you know, that connect skin with the earth’s ground, thing.

IMG_3357 IMG_3356

My highlight of the park was this beautiful fountain located in the centre of a small lake. Another really simple but adorable aspect of the park, wouldn’t you agree?



Oh did I forget to mention, I made a friend. Well, I say ‘friend’ – more like furry friend. I named him/her Fluffy. As I approached, Fluffy climbed up the tree and remained in an elongated position for a few minutes. I believe it was trying to camouflage itself from me by staying in that position.

So much for being friends.


IMG_3353 IMG_3352

After innocently stalking Fluffy for a while, I found myself a nice quiet spot on a hilly area of the park. I got into my ‘Instant French’ reading (not instant enough if you ask me!). I find myself just saying oui to everything – not a great strategy. I thought I’d try ‘guess what’s being said’. The woman in the store at checkout asked if I had a store loyalty card, and I said oui, thinking she asked if I wanted a carrier bag. She then proceeded to look at me blankly when I wasn’t rummaging through my wallet for it. Awks.

Je suis allé au parc aujourd’hui 🙂

Come at me, French! Oui!

My Daily Dose of French

As I was leaving, I noticed an outdoor swimming pool! It was absolutely spilling with people sunbathing poolside and swimming in the pool. I found the swimming pretty cool, as it’s something you just don’t come across in parks in London (the climate is to blame: *newsflash* – British person talks about the weather).

Outdoor Swimming Pool

A short walk away from Parc Jarry (towards Jean-Talon Market), I came across these spectacular wall street art drawings. They really caught my eye – the attention to detail, the real facial expressions, and the story told by the images. I felt that the images really reflected the ethnic diversity found in the area of Little Italy in Montreal. The pictures seemed almost life-like and really personified the emotions of those within them. I would love to have known the story behind them!

Street Art 1
Street Art 2

I loved Parc Jarry! Definitely somewhere tranquil for a bit of reading, relaxing or even for a stroll and bike ride around the park!

– A Y –


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