I am at McGill: Canada’s Harvard

‘By work, all things increase and grow’

McGill University in Montreal, Canada was founded in 1813. Offering over 300 fields of study, McGill has earned itself recognition amongst elite universities such as Harvard, University of Toronto, Princeton and Yale. Many consider McGill to be a member of the ‘Canadian Ivys’ due to its age, alumni and research-orientated academia.

Arts Building: the signature building of McGill’s downtown campus. It is currently undergoing restorative stabilisation, a project costing $1.05 million.
Strathcona – Anatomy and Dentistry Building: this building features a stained-glass window commemorating members of the Medical Faculty who died or fought in World War I.
McGill University, named after founder James McGill, has strong ties to the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, where James McGill himself was educated. Three simple granite blocks cut into varying sizes were reassembled into a bench and installed on each landing of the Queen’s stairway.
One of three benches designed to celebrate McGill’s Scottish antecedents. Each bench features a unique assembly, representing the three universities; made of the same stone, but each unique in its form and expression.
Queen’s Stairway
McGill Library: boasting an impressive collection of over 6 million books including: Rare Books and Special Collection, and the Osler Library of the History of Medicine. Current plans for modernisation over the next decade include the development of an underground robotic storage facility, allowing the storage of print material enabling the expansion of study space.
‘The book though 5000 years’ by Vervliet, H.D.L. Writing of books became paramount for the preservation of thoughts and communication. Although the inventor of writing is unknown, it has been suggested that the writing of books began in Egypt through the representation of hieroglyphic signs.

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